Two Perspectives

2centsWhen I tell people I’ve started this blog, they usually have one or two responses.
1. That’s so great, what a wonderful idea.
2. That so maudlin and sad.

I thought I would address both perspectives here and maybe even understand my motives better in the process.

So, yes it can be a sad topic, but the need (my need) was born from a desire to focus not on the circumstances surrounding ones passing or regurgitating the pain of what was left undone. It’s about finding peace, sharing joy, feeling connected and moving forward…

I fully accept this may not be for everyone and that’s totally ok. I also know that sharing a note–even for those who support the concept–is hard and that’s also totally ok. It took me 2 years to actually put up this blog because of how hard it was to write my first Note, but like most fears i have finally confronted, once they are faced they seem so much less powerful.

Everyone has their process–it is personal and I would never judge anybody’s journey–and as I wrote in my first post about this blog, if no one else ever posts a Note, I feel glad that I’m able to say what I need to say.

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