Farewell To Maurice Sendak

20120508-231118.jpgI don’t even know what to say.

I know it sounds odd, I don’t even know the man but it feels like a personal loss. I’m speaking of course of the death of Maurice Sendak.

My connection began many, many years ago. I’m going to guess the year was 1979. My mother introduced me to The Nutshell Gang and Really Rosie and if you do not know what I am talking about I highly suggest to get thee to Amazon and purchase these books (these too) and albums at once. I was a dramatic, ok…theatrical kid basically from the time I was in utero and would make up the story lines of my life all the time. So did Rosie.

You can see this video here which basically shows her personality beautifully. I related so well to Rosie… The red dress, big hat, over sized and inappropriate shoes all of which were probably hijacked from moms closet.

Then later as a parent, I had the joy of revisiting The Nutshell books but also create new connections with his works and my own children.

My son really connected with Where The Wild Things Are and the Max character…I know this isn’t uncommon but it’s special to us. He is my little Wild Thing, but he also has a very sweet soft and compassionate side that reminds me of the Wild Things when they get sad at the end. My daughter and I had some special one-on-one time when she was born through her turning almost three and we read the Little Bear books. I forgot how wonderful they were and for a while I would call her “little face” –a version of Little Bear appropriate for a non-bear. A couple years later she, her brother and I started watching the show on NickJr, which was a pretty good translation of a book to a TV show.

It is with a heavy heart I say thank you and goodbye to Maurice Sendak. His contribution to contemporary, literary and creative culture will be felt for generations to come.

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