About Notes To Heaven

Notes To Heaven was started because I wanted a place to share special moments, memories and messages with loved ones who had passed. It’s since become a place I post my thoughts and the ups and downs of everyday life as wife and mom of two children (from my first marriage). These “Notes” are things I wish I could share with those who are no longer here, and through this blog, I feel like I am doing so. To read about the evolution of and background on NTH, you can readmy first post. But like so many things in life what we think things will turn out to be rarely ever do…sometimes they are far better.

Part of the initial concept was that it could be a place where others could share messages without fear or judgement — get something off their chest, remember something funny, apologize or ask forgiveness — whatever. This is still an option, and since I don’t know you personally. You can do this here.

As For “Heaven” … I was born into a religion, but do not practice and this is not a site that conforms to any biblical practice or even believes in any specific dogma or God / Goddess. It truly was an easier way of conveying what this site was meant to do.


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