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5 comments on “Leave Your Own Notes

  1. morgan says:

    Dear linda,
    I dont know if you will ever see this but i just want to tell you how much me and jen and my mom and everyone miss you. i feel as though you are with me at times and i cant really explain it. like today, the song black velvet was stuck in my head and that song always makes me think of the times you me jen my mom and dad and eddie went to rons for karaoke. the good days, when everything was just as it should of been.but then god decided it was time for you to go, and i used to be mad and hurt that you were taken away so fast and without time to say goodbye, but now as im older i realize it was what he had in store for you. things are easier now but it still hurts. but when i look around now to see how things have changed i get a cold and cruel reality check, times have changed and so has everyone you and i knew. eddie, your son has gotten a good job and as far as i know is a successiful young man, i think he gets that from you, as for my mom and dad, they are great, we moved and finally got that house they worked there whole lives to get, their “dream house” they call it. me, well im graduating early and at the moment trying to get a good job and make everyone proud, im actually thinking or being a chef like you, my grandma, she moved up to ohio finally and now lives in the little house behind my old house (the one bobby used to live in, by the way he moved into his own house and has a full time job, he seems really content with life) and as for jen, well she is doing better, actually she seems happy. she now lives in my old house. she took it really hard when you passed, but i dont think she will ever really get over the hurt, she always said you were her one and only soulmate. i do believe with all my heart that its true. she lives with a woman named darla, she makes jen happy, and i know you would want that. so much has changed and i just wish you were here to see it all. you are so loved and missed and i cant even sum it up, to the slightest bit. i often wonder if you would be proud of me. but i would like to think you would be. i cant wait to see you in heaven, and i wish it wasnt so far away. but this is apart of gods plan i guess. i do believe we will meet again one day, all of us will meet up there in heaven, together, forever.

    Love always, morgan shrader ohio

  2. Julie Llera says:

    I think of you always. Hearing our son singing and making up songs keeps you alive his musical ability was definitely inherited from his daddy. So sad thinking that you are gone. I promise to take care of our children and always keep you alive in our memories I know how much you loved your kids. I still wish I could have helped you in some way, if you needed to talk or were troubled. The day you left I lost a part of myself somehow I am still hanging in there and keeping it together, sometimes I’m not sure how but I am. You are tremendously missed and I still see your smile and feel your presence I know you are watching over us. I hope you and Heather are keeping each other company I’m sure she has forgiven you, she had such a big heart. I spent most of my life with you and can’t understand why you had to go, maybe someday it will all make sense. I read Mani a book every night, say our prayers and he now blesses everyone and then says, even people in heaven, love you MJL. JML

  3. SHR1 says:

    Dear Diana,
    Even though I’ve never really got to talk to you but I still have some wonderful thoughts about what you were like. I hope people like you would go deeper into my life. I hope you would just see me one more time.

  4. BDKrais says:

    Dear D,
    It’s a little odd writing you in this way. I’m not sure why this feels more official, but it does. A lot has happened over the last 6 years. So many things I wish you were here to share with, but that pretty much goes without saying.
    What I really want to say to you is I’m so sorry I wasn’t the friend I should have been to you while you were sick. My biggest regret is that my behavior did not honor the relationship I was lucky enough to have with you. All I can say is I was afraid. Afraid of watching you suffer, afraid of what was coming next and not knowing how to handle it. And–let’s call a spade a spade– that makes me a coward.
    I can’t ask myself what you would have done were you in this position, because it will only reinforce how selfish I was but what I can do is make sure you a not forgotten. We continue to talk about you, celebrate you and everyday I try to be a better person, live the life I was given to the fullest as you always did, even though (or maybe especially because) you knew your time here was limited.
    I am a better person, partner, parent because I knew you and I still love and think of you all the time.
    – BDK

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